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This Lolo game is a platform game, when the trilogy of Nes Lolo games were mazes with puzzles, that is, dungeons.

Ok, finally be able to play it :) Finished it in 880 sec and 92 deaths O_o

Firstly, well done for your first jam! I can see you put a lot of work here. There's some effort in level design and the nes aspect (graphics and sound). It's a choice you made and it's consistent!

The game is pretty hard though, I had some difficulty with the character that slides, especially as you ask for some really precise jumps. I never felt totally in control which is really important for a platform game. Nevertheless, it's just a question of tweaks in your movement physics, and maybe players would just be used to it as the game goes on (it's too short here to figure it out).

It also lacks some little background story and music but overall it's a pretty nice game, and with some potential above all! Congrats.

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Hey, thanks :)

I'm glad you played it! I know there's no story or music, I was planning on adding some story, but I never had time because setting up Box2D took up my first week of development :(
As for the character controller, I admit, I do agree with you, and there are definitely a few things I could do to make it feel a lot better, but I guess as I got better at playing the game, I forgot it needed tweaking :p.

Anyway, I really appreciate the feedback, it means a lot :D